The Portuguese passion for the sea has always been a symbol and marque of the people. This passion also gave rise to the company Comur as part of an epic tale where ancient knowledge and flavours witness the reuniting
of the sea with its heroes.
The uniqueness of the Portuguese sea merges with knowledge acquired over decades, sealing each can made by Comur with soul.


Origins. Origins. Origins.

Founded in 1942 at Murtosa, Aveiro, Comur is one of the biggest flagships of the Portuguese canning industry today. Initially, the company was dedicated to the world export of eels, a product typical of the area around Aveiro Lagoon, but which the local markets could only sell fresh. Today, Comur produces around thirty varieties of canned goods, painstakingly prepared by the experienced, wise hands of over a hundred women who transform the flavours of the sea into delicacies using handmade production methods.

Passion for the sea

At Comur, the past has always been a source of inspiration: it allows us to honour the history and conquests of Portuguese navigators, creating epic combinations that exult in their seafaring achievements worldwide. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own now gives us some of the most wonderful flavours in the world. It provides unique gastronomic experiences made possible by centuries of knowledge brought together here, around a tin.

The Murtosa Fryers

The abundance of eels in the Lagoon, even before the founding of Comur in 1942, was an important source of income for families. The eels were fried and preserved in pickled sauce by the women who sold them at local fairs. Even at that time, Feira de São Mateus in Viseu was the most important regional fair, making it an obvious destination for the Murtosa eels. Comur was born as a business precisely to organize this activity and the “Murtosa fryers” – the name by which the women of Murtosa, not only made the history of the canning industry live on but, above all, conferred upon canned goods the status of a gourmet food. Incidentally, Comur is the only Portuguese canning company to sell eels in pickled sauce and the tradition has become so rooted that no visit to the Feira de São Mateus is the same without dinner at the eel stall.

Tinning alchemy

And if it is true that the fish is excellent, it is memory that makes the real essence of Comur live on. A memory that lives in the people who work here, and who, in the subtlety of its simplicity, keep in themselves the alchemy of making preserves. People with Portuguese soul, whose hands perform what the heart dictates. People who, for the most part, cycle to the factory each day, as their mothers and grandmothers did in the past, and for whom manual labour carries the art and weight of generations that follow each other in Comur’s long narrative. Matilde, who has worked here for 46 years and is the factory’s most senior worker, Adriana and Susana, her daughters, and Daniela, one of the granddaughters, are some of the many women who write Comur’s history every day and for whom the whole world fits in a can.

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