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Inaugurated in 1942 in Murtosa, the COMUR factory is one of the biggest flags of the
national cannery sector. Initially dedicated to the export eels, the production then
evolved into the most varied types of canned fish, always with the highest
standards of quality and excellence.

On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, COMUR has built 500 years in history to
create an epic combination of exultation of Portuguese feats across the seas of this
world. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own, gives us today some of
the most wonderful flavors in the world, providing unique gastronomic experiences, possible by the centuries of knowledge that gather here around a can.
Secular wisdoms and tastes embraced in a historical tide of reunion of the sea with
its heroes.
An epic now recounted by COMUR, the cannery of Portugal.


COMUR IN history

“COMUR is closely linked to Murtosa. Eel preserves are still one of our hallmarks today, and Murtosa’s great ambassadors are out of doors. There are many canneries and a number of associated museum spaces abroad. canning industry, but canned eels, even at Murtosa alone. It is our distinguishing and identifying mark.
In this museum we can know the history of the factory and the community where it operates, seeing the development of the canning process and its phases.
Here we learn how the specific characteristics of Murtosa and Ria gave rise to this factory, how its workers worked, and the complete canning process from fish arrival to canning expedition.
This is an innovative, multidisciplinary museum in which Murtosa, Ria, the sea, work, industry, advertising and gastronomy coexist and dialogue.
Historical research, studies and surveys carried out and the architectural intervention carried out by the Murtosa City Council have enabled the safeguarding of a historic building that now serves as the guardian of the memory and stories of all those who worked at the “Eel Factory”.
With an investment of about 1.3 million euros, the Municipality of Murtosa has acquired, renovated and installed a new generation Museum that wants a reference in the national and regional museum scene.
Endowed with a contemporary museography, which combines design, quality content and interactivity, this space is distinguished by its pedagogical capacity to engage the various audiences in the history of a factory, its workers and, in the end, an entire community. “

Website: Camara Municipal da Murtosa

 Camara Municipal da Murtosa

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Lisboa – Rua da Prata
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Lisboa – Silva e Feijoo – Castelo S. Jorge
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COMUR is a group company


Phone: +351 234 830 000

Email: comur@comur.com

Monday to Saturday: 09:00h to 18.:00h

Zona Industrial da Murtosa
3871-909 Murtosa , Portugal

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