The Anchovies’ Midas Touch

The seas are full of mysteries and fortunes. Long stretches of salt water enclose the countless wealth that is fish, in which we so often get lost and meet again. Anchovy is one of those mysteries. It is also a fortune in taste, where we like to get lost, even if for many it is […]

Eletric 28

A sunny golden ray bursts through the streets of Lisbon in the morning, every day at the same time. In a rude – but picturesque, and therefore funny – shimmering sound on the rails drawn by iron in the streets, the passage of the Tram 28 ultimately creates a singular melody that gives a special […]

When hunger and the will to be join hands

The poverty was extreme and widespread. Except for the small wealthy bourgeoisie, the clergy and the nobility, common people had to sweat to make a living. Hunger was inevitable in those days that passed slowly by. In the face of need and the scarce resources of a people governed by a religion that referred to […]

More than perfect quartet

Smoked salmon, capers, salt, and balsamic vinegar. It’s not a new combination but it’s an irresistible classic and an absolutely perfect combination. Having a mild taste, the preserved and ready-to-eat smoked salmon  – from Comur, naturally –is subjected to the provocation of the strong taste of the capers harvested by hand that bring to the […]

The Portuguese canning industry

In the early nineteenth century, Frenchman Nicholas Appert invented the principle of food conservation by heating it in hermetically sealed glass containers, achieving a shelf-life that had been impossible before then. Englishman Peter Durand developed this idea by patenting a metal casing that would ensure and further extend the shelf-life of the canned goods. Thus, […]

The universe is a harmony of contrasts

Largo dos Lóios, in Porto, is a sunny day even when it’s raining. Everything is Porto there, with the most genuine Porto is. Between the bustle of Liberdade Square and Flores Street, you can stroll through a harmony of contrasts between the traditional and the modern that only Porto knows how to offer, with the […]

Jumping on the bandwagon

Small sardines (“petingas” in Portuguese) taste like home. They taste of nostalgia, of grandmothers, farms, orchards, sunny days, board tables and benches under the tangerine tree, contests, friends, lemonade, wheelbarrows, washing tanks with water heated by the sun, wet earth, bare feet, photographs in sepia, hair in the wind, a “come to the table!” shouted […]

Whelks, the mythical sound of the ocean

The shape of the whelk’s shell bears the genetic stamp of the ocean and is a small work of art in nature, like a small jewel tasked with enchanting us and carrying us back to our childhoods. What child has never tried listening to the noise of the ocean by putting a shell to his […]

Southern poetry: Garlic açorda and smoked mussel in olive oil

The Alentejo, where the sun gilds the fields of wheat whose ears sway in the wind, is a delicate canvas where everything is quiet, and chaste, and dreamy – that is how Florbela Espanca described it, or nearly so. In a space where there is place for time, groups of friends gather at the table […]

Sea bream and country bread in an encounter of the sea with the land

Directly from the clear, deep waters of the open Atlantic, gilt-head sea bream presents itself to the world coloured silver-grey with a golden spot between the eyes, a feature that gives it its name. This fish with its white, succulent meat, excellent nutritional properties, and light, delicious taste, encloses in it a lot of sea, […]