Fish tastes even better in summer

Summer has arrived! And with it, the long days and hot nights that invite to a snack! I already wrote that Portugal is the biggest consumer of fish per capita in Europe and the third in the world! However, it is in the summer that the Portuguese eat fish more often: The stoves are lit, […]

Fish as an excellence source of calcium

Calcium: probably when reading this name, the world “milk” or its derivatives quickly came to mind. It is true that dairy products are excellent sources of calcium, however, the reduction in the availability of milk and dairy products is a reality, according to the Portuguese Food Scale 2016-2020. Let’s first understand why it is important […]

Fish – heart’s best friend

The heart is a beloved organ, but not always cherished! It is the symbol of love and that is why so many expressions attribute feelings to it: “Broken heart” “Heart of stone” “Heart in mouth” “Soft heart”   It is true that the heart speeds up the rhythm of its contractions – “beats” – when […]

Fish consumption and Cardiovascular diseases

The most important thing in life is to be able to enjoy every moment with maximum health, well-being, and happiness. Nowadays, an unavoidable fact is that the main causes of mortality and morbidity are preventable! In other words, they are related to lifestyle. According to the report “Portrait of Health 2018” by the Ministry of […]

Vitamin D

Vitamin D deficit? Eat canned fish Vitamin D, also known as Cholecalciferol, is a “famous” micronutrient in recent years. All thanks to having been considered a hormone, a messenger substance that acts on various structures, whether cells, tissues or organs. Nowadays, several functions are recognized, far beyond the fixation of calcium in the bone. Directly […]

Fish and Sugar

How weird can the words “fish” and “sugar” sound together? Their tastes are completely different and do not go well either in the mouth or in writing. However, let’s see how closely related they are. As the saying goes: Opposites attract In a less healthy eating pattern called the “Western Diet”, fish consumption is almost […]

More fish, longer life

In today’s message, we start by asking you a question: Is it a coincidence that fish consumption in Portugal has decreased and chronic diseases have increased over the last decade? Let’s find out! First of all, it should be noted that fish consumption over the last 50 years in the European Union has grown: it is estimated […]

Health and the sea

There is much in our history as humans where health and the sea are intertwined. Who can forget the first journeys of discovery undertaken by the Portuguese, recorded in our history books, that were decimated by disease and hunger? On the other hand, even today, how many peoples depend on the sea for their subsistence, […]

Fish? Definitely! Fresh and canned!

In recent publications we introduced you to fish and its distinctive characteristics, in addition to the relationship of fish consumption with the main causes of death in Portugal. However, in health surveys, the Portuguese still think it is “difficult” to introduce fish into the family’s daily diet: Although fish consumption in Portugal is more than […]