epic 1942

Epopeia 1942 is the name we choose for what has been the path of Comur and the many stories we have to tell for 8 decades.

With contents that relate our history and the many stories of places and people who share the value of time with us, as well as memories, this blog also has recipes made with Comur preserves: simple, practical, delicious and creative, just waiting for a final touch. The blog also offers scientifically based nutrition articles that promote the correct eating behavior, written by Catarina Bragadeste, nutritionist and author of the blog «Diário de uma dietista».

Join us on this journey through the flavours of the Portuguese sea, superbly told in each can of preserves, where there is always a delicious detail to discover. Open one – inspiration awaits you.

Eletric 28
Art Manifesto: Sintra