What are the opening hours of the Comur and The Fantastic World of the Portuguese Sardine shops?

The opening hours are available on the brand's website, here.

Do Comur's preserves have any kind of additives?

All our preserves are prepared in a natural way, in olive oil, without any additives. The fish is cooked while it is still fresh to keep all its properties intact and is then packaged in sterilized cans that are hermetically sealed to guarantee maximum durability in perfect conditions of flavour and food safety.

Are the preserves gluten-free?

Comur preserves may contain traces of gluten. Although there are no ingredients containing gluten in the composition of the preserves, there may be some risk of contamination.

How to open the can without damaging the front?

The tin can be opened from the bottom with a knife or a can opener following the line around the can, removing the content from the inside to taste. For safety reasons, the aluminum should then be rolled inwards to avoid cuts, keeping the front of the can intact.

Can tins be taken in hand luggage on planes?

According to Portuguese legislation and regarding Portuguese airports, it is allowed to transport cans, with a net weight (total) of up to 150 grams, in cabin luggage.

At the security screening point at the portuguese airports, it is not necessary to separate the cans from the rest of the cabin baggage as they will be checked after the first screening procedure. Airport security staff may request the opening of protective packaging/enclosures for canned goods, where present. Exceptionally, and for security reasons only, cans may not be permitted by airport authorities. The only cans that exceed the permitted weight are eels in escabeche sauce, prawns, Chickpea and Carrot Patties and Oatmeal balls with Vegetables, as they exceed the maximum weight by 10 grams.

For more information, please contact ANAC - National Civil Aviation Authority or consult the legislation in force at www.anac.pt.

Can the preserves be sent anywhere in the world?

Yes, all information about orders and deliveries is available in the online shop.

Is it possible to make returns?

We do not accept returns, except those in which there is a visible defect in the item or error in the order placed through the online shop. For more information, please contact us by email at store@comur.com.

What are the years on the tins of the O Valor do Tempo Collection?

The “O Valor do Tempo” Collection, with Portuguese sardines, has every year from 1916 to the present time. Each tin highlights an important event of that year and the birth of one, two or three celebrities. You can check the events and celebrities of any year in the online shop, here.

Do the shops only sell sardines?

All our shops have around 30 varieties of canned fish available, from sardines to cod, octopus, shrimp, sea bass and other more unusual fish. Discover the entire offer in the online shop, here.

Other information

For further information or additional questions, please contact us through the email comur@comur.com.