Tinned Goods

Each can tells a story full of authenticity, proud of its origins. A spectacle for the senses prepared with skill and flavour.

Original cans

In beautiful lithographed tins with original illustrations in homage to the past, consistent with the uniqueness of its content – something uncommon in the canning industry – Comur offers the purest way to feel and taste the Portuguese sea, anywhere in the world.

Special flavours

A wide variety of canned goods, many of them made exclusively by Comur. In addition to the many fish that populate the sea, the unexpected vegetarian options are also noted here as delicacies that are rare, if not unique, in the world of canning production. All the fish is cooked still fresh to retain all its properties, then packaged in sterilized and hermetically sealed cans to ensure maximum durability with full taste and preserved food safety. No preserves made at Comur have any additives or preservatives; everything is as natural as possible and carries the Comur quality guarantee, as required of a true cannery.

The sea in all its glory

Throughout our history, originality and differentiation have always been part of our DNA. And while it is true that for many, tuna and sardines are the best-known canned goods, Comur left its mark on the history of canning from early on. Be surprised by the subtle yet strong flavour of anchovies in olive oil, traditional grilled cod with olive oil and garlic – so Portuguese! – , the delicate flavours of sea bass and meagre in olive oil or the unique taste of smoked fish – sole, cod roe, salmon, mussels, and trout. We are proud to be the only Portuguese cannery that produces canned smoked fish using a totally natural process and carefully selected firewood.

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Your well-being

Comur preserves are nutritionally rich and offer multiple health benefits.

The high content of Omega3 protects the heart, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and the risk of clots and strokes. It also has a therapeutic effect in autoimmune diseases and stimulates brain development, concentration, and cognitive ability in children. It contributes to the proper development of the retina and healthy eyesight, and reduces the symptoms of inflammatory skin diseases, such as acne or psoriasis.

Vitamins A, D, and Bcomplex vitamins B3, B6 and B12 present in many fish are essential for blood formation and for skin and eyesight, as well as maintaining a healthy nervous system. Mineral salts (calcium, iron, phosphorus, zinc, and magnesium) are essential for bone and muscle health, prevent anaemia, and promote hormonal balance.
Your wellbeing, full of flavour.

45 recipes on a trip around the world

Canned goods can be used to prepare just as many dishes as our imagination can contain and well beyond the delight they already provide when consumed directly from the can.

The recipe book “Around the world – 45 recipes with canned goods”, published by Comur, perfectly demonstrates the versatility of canned goods in a gastronomic voyage around the world through 45 recipes inspired on the gastronomic culture of countries dotted across the five continents. From the simplest to the most elaborate recipes, they are all delicious, and with our canned goods always playing a leading role.

From the traditional Portuguese Cataplana with a selection of diverse canned goods to the Belgian spring delight of Waterzooi with smoked eels, to the comfort of a Greek Taramasalata with cod roe or a very Italian Pizza with mussels, the book’s pages also invite their readers to travel through the flavours of other continents: a colourful Brazilian Moqueca with meagre, a wonderful American Toastie with tuna, the delightful Chinese Spring Rolls with smoked salmon or the delicate Japanese Ramen with eels… immerse yourself in the flavours of the sea in this gastronomic epic!

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